CloudSoft™ Towel Set

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Hand Towel: 35cm*75cm
Bath Towel: 70cm*140cm

Unparalleled softness, absorbency, and quick-dry capability all in one towel - Introducing CloudSoft.™ 

Made with exceptionally soft cotton, our towels are not just a treat for your skin, but a sanctuary for your senses. The unique wave pattern isn't just for aesthetic; it enhances the surface area, promoting superior absorbency and quicker drying, ensuring you a fresh, cozy towel every time.

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The carefully selected colors of our CloudSoft™ Towels complement our Magic Mat colors perfectly, creating a cohesive and stylish look in your bathroom. Your space will feel instantly pulled together, inviting and elegant.


With the CloudSoft Towel, your skin will be caressed by the softest cotton, crafted to deliver a spa-like experience after every bath or shower. These towels are so soft, they turn a simple act of drying off into a gratifying luxury! Not to mention, due to the resilient weave of our towels, they’ll remain as luxuriously soft as the day you bought them, wash after wash.


The high-quality cotton used in our towels resists mustiness and stays fresh longer. This means your towels will remain odor-free and pleasant to use day after day. When it’s time for a wash, simply toss your CloudSoft™ Towels in the washer / dryer for ultimate freshness!


The ultra-soft cotton and unique wave pattern of the CloudSoft Towel Set is designed to absorb more and dry faster, leaving you with a fresh, fluffy & dry towel every time. No more damp towels hanging in the bathroom!

The secret behind our CloudSoft Towels

  • At the heart of our CloudSoft Towels is the terry cloth weave, a time-tested technique involving densely packed loops of yarn. These loops act like tiny sponges, each one soaking up water with remarkable efficiency.

  • This weave along with our premium cotton blend is what makes our towels so absorbent and soft.

  • Finally, our unique wave pattern creates variances in the surface texture, allowing air to flow through the loops more freely. This means that while the towel holds an ample amount of water, it also releases this moisture more rapidly during drying.

  • The peaks of the waves allow portions of the towel to dry quicker, promoting faster overall evaporation and preventing that unpleasant dampness that can linger in heavier towels.

Magic Mat:

Small: 40cm x 60cm / 15.7in x 23.6in
Regular: 50cm x 80cm / 19.7in x 31.5in

Modrn Kitchen Mat:

Small: 45cm x 75cm / x 29.5in
Regular: 45cm x 120cm / x 47.2in
Large: 45cm x 150cm / 17.7In x 59.1in

Stick-N-Stay Shower Mat:

One Size: 40cm x 100cm / 16in x 40in


Small: 40cm x 60cm / 15.7in x 23.6in
Regular: 50cm x 80cm / 19.7in x 31.5in
Large: 60cm x 90cm / 23.6in x 35.43in

CloudSoft Towels:

Hand Towel:35cm x 75cm / 13.8in x 29.5in
Bath Towel:70cm x 140cm / 27.6in x 55.1in

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For our Magic Mat FAQ click here.
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Q: How do I clean the Magic Mat?
A: For surface cleans, simply wipe the mat clean with a damp towel or cloth. For deep cleans, use your favorite light cleaning spray / detergent or soap, scrub with a soft brush, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and hang dry.

Q: How thick is the Magic Mat?

It has a slim profile, measuring less than 5mm in thickness. This allows it to slide beneath the nearly all doors, and are no problem for robot vacuums, wheelchairs, and knee rovers.

Q: How many Magic Mats do I need?
A: One mat per bathroom will do! If you'd like a new and stylish mat for the front entrance, or have a patio and/or balcony then a couple more might come in handy - it all depends on the layout of your home!

Q: What if I don't like a product?
A: We have an industry-leading 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied with your order, let us know within 30 days of delivery and we'll sort you out!

Q: Who is the Magic Mat for?
A: Great for anyone who's tired of dealing with gross, smelly bath mats sliding around and never fully drying out. It's the perfect addition to any home and makes a nice gift for friends & family.

Q: What size Magic Mat should I get?
A: The Magic Mat comes in two different sizes (see dimensions listed above). Both sizes work for all, but we'd recommend getting the regular size for front entrances, patios, kitchens and bathrooms, and the small size for small bathrooms and door ways.

Q: Do you have a bigger mat for the kitchen?

A: Yes! To shop our new Modrn Kitchen Mats click here.

Unanswered questions about our Magic Mat? Check out our full Magic Mat FAQ by clicking here.